We are committed to :
o raise the awareness of clients about sustainability and environmental protection, and help the members of the design team to develop a shared vision of environmental aspirations.
o assess sites for their ecological value and microclimate, and ensure buildings make best use of the natural features of the site including sun, wind and landscape.
o ascertain the potential for local power generation from renewable energy sources locally or on site
o ensure that biodiversity is protected or enhanced.
o make best use of orientation and shape to reduce the need for artificial forms of conditioning.
o operate a 'right-first-time' culture for our production information in order to avoid wasteful site reworking.
o minimise the use of construction materials, and specify materials and components with the optimum balance between environmental impact and performance in use.
o ensure that building services are inherently efficient and controllable, and that metering encourages monitoring and management of resource use.
o ensure that buildings are commissioned fully before handover, and that full operating manuals are provided.