Our architectural projects range from new buildings to reproducing replicas of existing buildings or relocating treasured heritage buildings or monuments.

Feasibility Studies
We prepare outline proposals for complex projects at an early stage to form part of a Business Case establishing the project's risks and viability.Visit site and carry out an initial appraisal, assisting us in preparation of Client's Requirements. Advising on methods of procurement, reviewing alternative designs, construction and cost implications.
We prepare proposals and make applications for Outline Planning Permission. Advise on Environmental Impact and prepare a report.

Dimensioned Surveys
We visit our client's site taking dimensions and levels using electronic distance measure (EDM) to produce detailed survey drawings of the existing building or site. The existing drawings are produced using computer aided design (CAD) software and used in the Planning Applications and are the basis for developing design. We locate structure and services such as electric, gas, water, telephone, drainage etc. that will have an impact on the proposed design.

Sketch Proposal
Our architects use sketches in brainstorming sessions to quickly develop creative ideas and dialogue in the design process. These ideas lead to the principles of design for production of more detailed proposals. The sketches are used for discussion with the Project Team, local Planning Department and other parties in firming up the proposals before any formal applications are made.

Computer Aided Design
We produce high quality three dimensional computer generated images and animations for marketing and visualisation purposes. These can be: simple low resolution volumetric massing, or medium resolution shaded line drawings, or high quality definition rendered images. These images are a great way both to convey the design and to give (Clients) an instant understanding of three dimensional spaces.

Planning Applications
Our architects prepare drawings and submit applications to the Local Authority's Planning Department to obtain permissions. Typical types of permissions include Full Planning Permission, Certificate of Lawful Use or Development, Listed Buildings Consent, & Conservation Area Consent. We liaise with the Planning Officer and Conservation Officer and other parties to make the process as smooth as possible in obtaining the required permissions and statutory requirements.

Building Regulations
Building Regulations Application is required for the detailed design and specification of the building construction and include elements means of escape, structure, fire resistance drainage, plumbing, ventilation, resistance to moisture, insulation, electrics, lighting etc.We prepare and submit the Application on the clients behalf and liaise Building Control to obtain the necessary statutory consent for the detailed information prior to construction.

Structural Calculations
Our structural engineers produce structural calculations required for Building Regulations approval, and are required by the Builder to produce accurate costs from Tender Documents. Our architects and engineers review and co-ordinate the design, obtaining best value for the Client. An amendment service is offered following any amendments required by Building Control.

Party Wall
The Party Wall Act 1996 requires Notices to be served on Adjoining Owners on some projects when building close to the site boundary. The Notices need to be served before work starts on site. We submit Notices on the Building Owners behalf and offer advice to the Adjoining Ownerabout the process and Party Wall Awards.

Health and Safety Act
The HSE Construction (Design and Management) Regulations of 2007 require Clients to appoint a 'CDM co-ordinator' to advise the client on projects that last more than 30 days or involve 500 person days of construction work. As designers, our responsibility is to: Eliminate hazards and reduce risks during design, Provide information about remaining risks, Make the Client aware of their responsibilities, Provide any information for the health & safety file.

Working Drawings
We prepare detailed workings for Tender Purposes, Building Regulations submission, Party Wall Notices, and Thames Water Applications.
These are usually produced after Planning Permission has been granted to reduce abortive work, although can be done in tandem with the Planning Application to speed up the process.

Specification Writing
We produce detailed specifications to be read in conjunction with working drawings to ensure the Contractor tenders and builds to a required quality. The specifications are used to show the design intent for Building Regulations Approval and provide an accurate level of information for tenders to be compared.

Tender Documents
We provide a complete project management service using a qualified project manager to offer advice at all stages of the project, establishing best value for you. Firstly, we develop the brief obtaining the project deliverables, time scale and budget. Then, we keep the client fully informed of any changes, managing client's expectations throughout the project. Depending on the level of involvement that suits the project, we guide them making the difficult decisions so that the project moves smoothly and efficiently forward.

Tender Process
We compile and co-ordinate all the detailed information from consultants, subcontractors and suppliers into a complete Tender Package forming the Tender Documents. It is important to get the documents as accurate as possible before a Contractor is on board and a change control process is in place. We then publish the documents onto our FTP site and invite Contractors to tender on the detailed information.

Contractor Selection
We recommend good builders and advise the Client on the suitability of the preferred builder for the project. We agree a detailed programme and schedule of payments in liaison with the preferred Contractor, in order to monitor progress during construction. We produce Contract Documents including a building contract and discuss the responsibilities of the parties and the Architect under the building contract.

Operations on Site
We arrange to visit client's site to monitor progress, assessing the work completed to date in relation to an agreed schedule of payments to Contractor and check the builder's compliance with the Contract Documents. We provide an on-site service to investigate and resolve any occurrences or discrepancies as they arise.

(File Transfer Protocol) FTP Site
We provide a FTP Service for instant an efficient co-ordination and distribution of large volumes of design information between the client, Design Team, Tenderers and Contractor. This technology saves time in delivery and reduces the amount of printing and postage costs. The high quality digital information also reduces the amount of physical storage space required for paper, helping to save more trees.