Creative Designs

Ride and Show Systems Design.
We design, fabricate, programme and integrate Ride Control Systems for themed attractions.
A safe and reliable Ride Control Systems is crucial for today's most complex integrated themed attractions.

Audio Video and Projection Systems Design
Our film, video and audio designers create media content that perfectly suits a project's theme and venue, thereby providing the best possible guest experience. As guests are immersed in the sound and visuals uniquely created for a specific simulation ride, theater presentation or preshow, they are temporarily "transported" by their senses to the most unique set of experiences possible.

Animation and Special Effects Systems Design
Animated figures created by our design engineers appear as life-like as possible, while allowing for reliable replay of movements and providing simple solutions for maintenance teams. Beyond the high level of reliability, the complexity of each system protects animated figures from damage by monitoring the position of all moving components and ensuring accurate control of the figure.

Further aspects of quality include the programmability of the systems, designed to provide the easiest, most cost effective solution to programming life-like movement into each figure. Finally, our user interface for each system provides streamlined manual controls for maintenance teams as well as extensive diagnostics that simplify troubleshooting and minimize downtime.

Show Lighting Design
The artistry and expertise of our in-house Show Lighting team brings technical reliability together with the team's creative eye to result in effects that vastly enrich the guest experience. Our expertise in Show Lighting raises the bar from an average entertainment experience to an outstanding entertainment event.

Control System Fabrication
Show Control Systems are the backbone of today's entertainment technology. These systems are designed to direct the overall experience of the attraction and interface with the special effects, animation, audio, video, and lighting used in today's complex Adventure Resorts.

Our Show Control Systems make it simple and intuitive for operators and maintenance staff to control and sustain the attraction or ride. Reliable equipment ensures an absolute minimum amount of downtime for the ride or attraction and therefore, provides maximum fun for Guests.

Software Development and System Integration
Innovative technology is a must in today's rapidly shifting entertainment environments. Our team lead is an expert in the development and application of creative show and attractions technology. Expertly merging the conceptual side of software development with challenging technical requirements, Our systems are at the heart of innovative themed attractions, turning project dreams into real-world entertainment.

Attraction Technical Direction
Expert technical direction is critical for optimal flow and continuity of a project. At CB Concepts, we take pride in the strength of our technical directors who bring each project to outstanding levels that supercede the norm.
We have a myriad of unique strengths that come from a dynamic team of innovative and passionate professionals. Through collaboration and creativity, CB Concepts builds upon the company's legacy of preserving worldwide heritage. We aspire to become a force of technology and inspiration responsible for preserving and theming some of the world's hidden treasures.
At CB Concepts, we take pride in our creative designs brought about by our creative team who bring each project to outstanding levels that supercede the norm.